Birmingham is an exciting and welcoming environment, and our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme is home to a group of intellectually curious, ambitious, thoughtful, and creative students and academic faculty. We enjoy the cultural benefits of living in the UK’s second city, with the bonus of a leafy campus location.

Liberal Arts and Sciences students major in fields as diverse as Maths, Politics, Computer Science, Economics, English, Classics, Philosophy, Biology, Psychology, and History. Our academic team is drawn from across the University of Birmingham’s wide-ranging disciplinary expertise, and all our students benefit from participating in our extracurricular programme of activities.

We decided to start a blog to help us share and reflect on the diversity of activities we get involved in, whether as a whole group, or in our individual studies, or to foster further our interdisciplinary enthusiasm and eagerness to do more than just study in the library or learn in the classroom.

This programme is especially attractive to students who want to develop real expertise led by subject-specialists, while retaining the ability to stretch their horizons across disciplines, and to interrogate the genuine connections and academic excitement made possible by interdisciplinary study. We hope that our blog gives a flavour of some of this excitement!

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